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Harriet who?

On 1 March 1797 Alexander Falconar wrote in his diary “Harriet about this time engaged herself to Fullerton”. Later, on 3 April 1798 he wrote”young Fullerton born”. From this we can work out that the Fullerton she married was Robert Fullerton, who later became … Continue reading

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Mystery Davidsons

Thanks to Chenda for her suggestion about Alexander’s aunt’s nuptials.  I have two Davidsons who are probably related to Alexander, but but I can’t place them. (1) Lydia Davidson who married  George Yeats, and died in Edinburgh about 1845.  A Louisa Yeats, … Continue reading

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Mystery Nuptials

In his diary, on 26 February 1790, Alexander Falconar records “The Anniversary of my Aunts Nuptials 1768”.  I haven’t been able to track down the aunt in question – does anyone have any ideas?

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Diaries of Alexander Falconar 1790-1809

I have been reading the Diaries of Alexander Falconar, Chief Secretary of the East India Company in Madras.  They are very cryptic and have thrown up a number of questions, which I’ll report separately.

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