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I live in a Victorian house in Edinburgh, and started to investigate its history - I then got hooked, and investigated the whole street! the result was a book, which you can read about on my website, I'd love to hear from other people who are interested in local history

Mary and Ann Rodger

Thanks to Anne Parkhill for raising questions about Mary Williamson (née Rodger) and her sister Ann. I went back to look at my sources, and found I had more information than I remembered, thanks to a discussion on the Rootsweb … Continue reading

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“the delight in store for the reader”

A very favourable review by Mary W Craig in the Scottish Local History journal of February 2012  – She gives a good summary of the book, mentioning the people, the servants, and the changes from the 1860s to the … Continue reading

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Robert Fullerton (1773 to 1830)

Robert Fullerton, brother-in-law to Alexander Falconar’s wife, was Governor of Penang from 1826 to 1829.  There are therefore quite a number of biographies for him available on the Internet.  Unfortunately many of them seem to repeat a mistake concerning his … Continue reading

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I have discovered another link in the Crescent – between Mary Gertrude Fraser, the daughter of Rev Robert William Fraser who lived at no 1 from 1868 to 1873 and the Cownie family. On 24th July 1894 Mary became the … Continue reading

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Harriet who?

On 1 March 1797 Alexander Falconar wrote in his diary “Harriet about this time engaged herself to Fullerton”. Later, on 3 April 1798 he wrote”young Fullerton born”. From this we can work out that the Fullerton she married was Robert Fullerton, who later became … Continue reading

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Mystery Davidsons

Thanks to Chenda for her suggestion about Alexander’s aunt’s nuptials.  I have two Davidsons who are probably related to Alexander, but but I can’t place them. (1) Lydia Davidson who married  George Yeats, and died in Edinburgh about 1845.  A Louisa Yeats, … Continue reading

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Mystery Nuptials

In his diary, on 26 February 1790, Alexander Falconar records “The Anniversary of my Aunts Nuptials 1768”.  I haven’t been able to track down the aunt in question – does anyone have any ideas?

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Diaries of Alexander Falconar 1790-1809

I have been reading the Diaries of Alexander Falconar, Chief Secretary of the East India Company in Madras.  They are very cryptic and have thrown up a number of questions, which I’ll report separately.

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Jane and Isabella Paterson – correction

First posted 28th July 2011 When I found their headstone in Grange Cemetery, I realised that I had the wrong Jane and Isabella Paterson! The parents of the Jane and Isabella who lived at no 14 Dalrymple Crescent were Thomas … Continue reading

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Inglis-Aitken connection

First posted on 12th July 2011 Thanks to Evelyn Inglis for pointing out the connection between the Inglis family and the Aitkens. Robert Inglis bought the plot of land in which no 4 was built in 1862, although he sold … Continue reading

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