About me

A little bit about myself: I am married, and live with my husband in Dalrymple Crescent (obviously). We both retired about five years ago. Before that I worked in a Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh. My background is in computing, and I was working with Social Scientists, and I found the combination of interests extremely useful when I came to do the research on Dalrymple Crescent.

Before retiring, we lived in the village of Inveresk, just outside Edinburgh. It is a beautiful place, but we decided that we were city people at heart, so moved to the Grange. Also, we had a very large garden, which was beginning to take over our lives.

While I was working, I was lucky enough to become involved in some European Union projects, which took me to many interesting places. Since we retired, we have continued to enjoy travelling, mainly in Europe.

My other hobbies include (in no particular order) bridge, badminton, knitting, bowling, cooking, – and meeting friends for a good gossip! I am also a volunteer at theĀ Victorian Schoolroom.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Berry Wraight says:

    Would you be interested in any further info on the Pulsford family. if you are I can forward you my excel worksheet. It is not brilliant:-) but does have quite a bit of info that may or may not be of interest.

    • Joanne Lamb says:

      Thanks, Berry
      Yes, I would be interested, but I won’t be able to do anything with it until the autumn. I’ve a very busy summer (Hence the delay in replying!)


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