Robert Fullerton (1773 to 1830)

Robert Fullerton, brother-in-law to Alexander Falconar’s wife, was Governor of Penang from 1826 to 1829.  There are therefore quite a number of biographies for him available on the Internet.  Unfortunately many of them seem to repeat a mistake concerning his parentage.  Many report that he was the son of William Fullerton, Minister of St. Quivox and his wife Frances Stewart of Reece. However this William Falconar was the Minister in 1642[1], too early to be Robert’s father. His real parents were William Falconar and Isobel Johnstone (SP) and he was born in Edinburgh on 16 January 1773. In researching his parentage I came across a William Fullerton of Carstairs, whose daughter married William Fullerton Elphinstone of Carberry.  Since Robert’s son was named William Elphinstone Fullerton, I felt sure there must be a connection,  I eventually tracked down a references to a document relating to the “conveyance of residue of estate of William Fullerton of Carstairs Lanark by his son Robert Fullerton to provide portions for his unmarried sisters, Jun 1821”,[2] which confirms the relationship. Robert’s brother John Fullerton was a well-respected Scottish Judge.


The family tree of the Fullertons is now on the database.


[2] Bond of corroboration ACC7755/35 1821-1865 These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office (The National Archive)



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One Response to Robert Fullerton (1773 to 1830)

  1. Chenda says:

    Joanne, I think you’ve got carried away with Robert Fullerton’s parentage & called his father Falconar by mistake! Chenda

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