Mystery Davidsons

Thanks to Chenda for her suggestion about Alexander’s aunt’s nuptials.  I have two Davidsons who are probably related to Alexander, but but I can’t place them.

(1) Lydia Davidson who married  George Yeats, and died in Edinburgh about 1845.  A Louisa Yeats, aged 64, was staying at Falcon Hall (Alexander’s Edinburgh home) in 1841.

(2) George davidson, who was killed on 21 July 1790:

“Geo Davidson killd by a six pound shot on storming party of Dingigul”

Can anybody help?


About Joanne Lamb

I live in a Victorian house in Edinburgh, and started to investigate its history - I then got hooked, and investigated the whole street! the result was a book, which you can read about on my website, I'd love to hear from other people who are interested in local history
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2 Responses to Mystery Davidsons

  1. Chenda says:

    Lydia was another daughter of Alexander & Elizabeth Pigou – the register in the British Library ref N/2/11 folio17 states – “Garrison or station Cuddalore 12 July 1772 Lidia daughter of Alex Davidson, mother unknown”. My Macdonald tree states she was born 18 Jun 1771 (but would suggest it might actually have been 1772?) A & E Davidson had 6 daughters & one son. We were looking at Davidson letters in the British Library last week & a “George” is mentioned frequently. On the whole non family members are referred to by their surnames, so George might have been a relative, or it could be a surname but I don’t have him as a brother of Alexander’s on my tree & the name is not used by any connected families. Alexander Falconar is addressed in letters from Eliza Davidson (his future mother in law) as “Sandy”

  2. Margot Finn says:

    Actually, I think from the content of the letters that George was quite likely Alexander Davidson’s illegitimate son. Your website is wonderful!

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