Mystery Nuptials

In his diary, on 26 February 1790, Alexander Falconar records “The Anniversary of my Aunts Nuptials 1768”.  I haven’t been able to track down the aunt in question – does anyone have any ideas?


About Joanne Lamb

I live in a Victorian house in Edinburgh, and started to investigate its history - I then got hooked, and investigated the whole street! the result was a book, which you can read about on my website, I'd love to hear from other people who are interested in local history
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2 Responses to Mystery Nuptials

  1. Chenda says:

    I think this is Elizabeth Pigou, the wife of his uncle Alexander Davidson. They married 26 Feb 1768 in Calcutta. They both died in 1791, but maybe she was staying with Alexander at the time which is why he mentioned it.

    • Joanne Lamb says:

      I think it’s more likely that HE was staying with her. It was in 1790, the year after he arrived in India – perhaps the comment refers to a celebration of the anniversary. Anyway, I think we have the right person – thanks

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