On 26th August …

David Keith Bullow Whyte was born in Edinburgh in 1840. His parents, William Whyte and Janet Bullow, were married in 1835. They had least three other children: William who was born in 1844, Jessie who was born in 1836 and Emilia who was born in 1839. David’s father had died by the time of the 1851 census, and Janet was listed as a Spirit dealer. At this time the family was living in Dunbar Close, Edinburgh. Janet married Peter McLeod in May 1851.

By the time of the 1871 census, Peter had died, and the family was living at 38 Findhorn Place. David, who was described as the head, was married to Elizabeth McIntosh, who had been born in Edinburgh in April 1843. They had a baby son, William, born in 1870. David worked as a clerk for HM Lighthouse

As well as David and his family, Janet, and her other children were living in the house. Jessie, Emelia and William were all unmarried. Jessie was 35 and Emelia was 32. William styled himself W Ritchie Whyte, and gave his occupation as an accountant.

By 1881 they had left Findhorn Place, and were living in 6 St Andrews Terrace. Janet was now described as the head of household. Jessie Emelia and W Ritchie were still living with her, and W Ritchie now gave his occupation as a teacher of music. David and Elizabeth now had six children: Keith, born in 1881, Jessie E. in 1874, David K. B. (Jr) in 1875, James in 1877, Elizabeth in 1872 and William R. (Jr) in 1870.

According to the Post Office Directories, David Whyte and W Ritchie Whyte were both living at No 15 between 1882 and 1885. In 1890 David Whyte was living at 5 Gladstone Place, Leith, and in 1899 he was at 28 Broughton Place, when he was working in New Register House. In 1899 W Ritchie Whyte, teacher of music, was living at 54 Marchmont Rd.

Extracted from Dalrymple Crescent, a snapshot of Victorian Edinburgh


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I live in a Victorian house in Edinburgh, and started to investigate its history - I then got hooked, and investigated the whole street! the result was a book, which you can read about on my website, www.dcedin.co.uk. I'd love to hear from other people who are interested in local history
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